For All Paraffin Wax Treatments

  • Thoroughly wash and dry the area to be treated. Remove jewelry. Make sure clothing is well out of the way of treatment area.
  • If desired, test the temperature of the bath. The internal thermostat of the Therabath unit ensures that the bath is kept at a safe, medically prescribed temperature and that the paraffin will not be too hot. To test the temperature, dab a small amount on the inside of your wrist. The Paraffin will feel warm, but it will not burn.
  • Discard used paraffin.
  • See also “Paraffin Treatment Tips”

Important Hygiene Instructions for Public Use of a Paraffin Bath

  • Thoroughly wash and dry the skin before applying paraffin.
  • Spray the skin with Therabath Pre-treatment Cleansing Spray.
    (Do not use the sprayer near the eyes, nose or mouth.)
  • Follow all paraffin application instructions.
  • Discard used paraffin. Do not remelt used paraffin.
  • Except for personal units, use separate units for hands and feet.
  • Always place the cover on the Therabath unit when it is not in use.
  • Clean your paraffin bath after every 25 treatments, when paraffin is cloudy, or when sediment accumulates on the bottom of the unit.


  • Paraffin wax is flammable (with a flash point of approximately 350 degrees F)
  • Avoid accidental fire. Never heat over direct flame or electric burner.
  • For external use only.
  • Do not heat paraffin in a plastic bag.
  • Do not microwave paraffin wax.
  • Paraffin wax has no pharmaceutical effect. Paraffin is designed to be used with paraffin heating baths for heat-transfer purposes only.

Therabath Paraffin Wax Ingredients

  • Cucumber Melon with Thyme: Paraffin, Liquid Paraffin, Fragrance, D&C Yellow #11, D&C Green #6
  • Lavender Harmony™: Paraffin, Liquid Paraffin, Fragrance, D&C Violet #3
  • PeachE™: Paraffin, Liquid Paraffin, Fragrance, D&C #17, D&C Yellow #11
  • Wintergreen: Paraffin, Liquid Paraffin, Fragrance, D&C Green #6
  • ScentFree™: Paraffin, Liquid Paraffin
  • Fresh Squeezed Lemon: Paraffin, Liquid Paraffin, Fragrance, D&C Yellow #11
  • Vanilla Cupcake: Paraffin, Liquid Paraffin, Fragrance
  • Blooming Lilacs: Paraffin, Liquid Paraffin, Fragrance, D&C Violet #3, Lavender Essential oil
  • Grapefruit Tea Tree: Paraffin, Liquid Paraffin, Fragrance, D&C Violet #2, D&C Red #17
  • Warm Apple Spice: Paraffin, Liquid Paraffin, Fragrance, D&C Red Dye #17, D&C Dye Yellow #11, D&C Dye Green #6, D&C Dye Violet #2
  • Eucalyptus Rosemary Mint: Paraffin, Liquid Paraffin, Fragrance, D&C Dye Green #6, D&C Violet #2, Rosemary, Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils
  • Cranberry Zest: Paraffin, Liquid Paraffin, Fragrance, D&C Dye Violet, D&C Dye Red #17
  • Pumpkin Cupcake: Paraffin, Liquid Paraffin, Fragrance, D & C Dye Violet #2, D & C Dye Red #17, D & C Dye Yellow #11, D & C Dye Green #6
  • Rose Petal: Paraffin, Liquid Paraffin, Fragrance, D&C Dye Violet, D&C Dye Red #17
  • Peppermint Cheer: Paraffin, Liquid Paraffin, Fragrance
  • TheraCOCO Clearly Coconut: Paraffin, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Fragrance
  • TheraCOCO Free & Clear: Paraffin, Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • TheraCOCO Lemongrass: Paraffin, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Fragrance

Exact formulations are proprietary and will not be released.

See The Difference

Paraffin wax works two ways to soothe and soften dry, weary skin:

  1. Hydrating from the outside with penetrating oils
  2. Increasing circulation to the skin to heal from the inside

The Therabath Professional Grade Paraffin Bath offers total body and skin care. Warm paraffin deeply moisturizes dry skin and increases blood flow, renewing tissue from the inside out.

  • Intensive moisture therapy nourishes skin
  • Conditions and soothes with each warm paraffin dip
  • Easy to use, long-lasting relief for hands, feet, face, elbows – or full body!
  • Many scents to satisfy every personality!

Rough, Dry Skin

After Applying Lotion

After Dipping In Paraffin

Comparing Paraffin Baths

Paraffin baths are not all created equal!

Professionals ask for the Therabath by name. Compare each paraffin thermal spa on this list of features and service guarantees:

  • How focused on quality and safety are competitive paraffin bath manufacturers?
    • Does the competition…
      • have a 5-Year Warranty on both parts of labor?
      • have automatic temperature control that maintains a medically prescribed temperature?
      • make each paraffin bath to professional quality standards?
      • have a CE Mark and CETL Listing for safety?
      • perform quality testing on each unit before it leaves the factory?
      • operate under FDA’s Good Manufacturing procedures?
    • Where is the bath made? Each Therabath is made under strict quality controls right here in the USA
    • Where is the paraffin wax made? Likewise, Therabath paraffin is blended under strict quality controls right here in the USA
    • Do they include detailed instructions in their operator’s manual? At Therabath, we care that each person fully understands how to use and maintain a paraffin wax bath
    • How long have they been making paraffin wax baths? Therabath is the original portable paraffin bath– since 1962!
  • Therabath uses superior materials for the highest grade available
    • Therabath has…
      • an outer case made from non-flammable ABS plastic
      • an inner tank made from anodized aluminum for more even heat distribution
      • a primary thermostat that regulates the temperature, and a second safety device for added reliability
      • insulation that covers all sides. This means it takes less energy to operate and keeps the paraffin at a steady temperature
      • long-life heating elements for controlled, even heating
      • a heavy-duty, grounded hospital-grade electrical cord
  • What about the design and appearance?
    • Therabath has…
      • a longer and wider inner tank. Other paraffin baths may look bigger on the outside, but the trick is to measure the inner tank!
      • a more compact outer case. Even though the inner tank is full-sized, the compact outer case doesn’t take up too much valuable counter space!
      • an oval tank. This makes dipping your hand, foot and elbow more comfortable!
      • an inner grille. Not only does this increase patient comfort, it hides particles that may collect on the bottom
      • a clean white outer case design. The outer case is durable and scratch-resistant, and easy to clean!
  • What about “special features”?
    • Does the Therabath have a temperature-setting dial? The Therabath has no temperature-setting dial. Why? it has “thermostatic control,” which means it operates automatically so you don’t have to worry about the temperature of the paraffin
    • What about a “fast-melt switch”? There is no fast-melt switch on the Therabath model TB6/TB7 because most competitive baths with this feature still they may not allow you to use the bath any faster. The paraffin wax may melt faster because it gets hotter, but you will have to actually wait for the paraffin to cool before you can use it! What about the TB9/TB10? Yes! The TB9/TB10 has a Safe Quick Melt feature that melts the paraffin in half the time, but in an always safe temperature range!
  • What about the Paraffin?
    • Therabath paraffin wax is…
      • triple filtered for purity
      • soft, pliable, and easy to remove even after it has cooled
      • clean and fresh smelling
      • available in 12 scents, plus new TheraCOCO
  • How about the accessories?
    • Therabath accessories and accessory kits…
      • use insulation and lining in the mitts and boots
      • use heavyweight plush polyester shell material
      • have sturdy stitching and construction
      • are machine washable


  1. Cleanse hands or mist with Pre-Treatment Spray.
  2. Apply a light coat of Intensive Hydrating Cream.
  3. Spread fingers slightly, hold the hand flat, and slowly immerse into paraffin. Remove hand immediately from paraffin.
  4. Wait 5 seconds, allowing the paraffin “shine” to go away, indicating the wax is dry.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to make a warm “glove”: • 3 times – light therapy and skin moisturizing • 5-15 times – intense therapy. The more layers of paraffin, the more heat and length of the therapy.
  6. Cover hand with plastic liner bag and plush mitt.
  7. After 5-30 minutes, remove mitt, move hands and fingers to loosen paraffin, removing it in liner bag.
  8. Discard used paraffin.


  1. Use a headband to hold back hair, remove all makeup, cleanse skin,apply desired serums and place cotton pads over eyes.
  2. Ladle approximately 1 cup of paraffin into a small bowl. Set aside bowl and a natural bristle paraffin brush.
  3. Hold the edges of a pre-cut gauze facial mask or paraffin strips with both hands, saturate with wax and then allow excess wax to drip off.
  4. Lay coated mask or strips on face adding additional layers of wax using the paraffin brush, or adding layers of strips.
  5. Relax! Remove mask or strips by peeling gently from the neck up.
  6. Allow skin to cool before applying makeup.
  7. Clean application brush by soaking in hot water until soft, then squeeze out excess water with a paper towel.


  1. Mist feet with Pre-Treatment Spray.
  2. Apply a light coat of Hydrating Cream.
  3. Spread toes slightly, and slowly immerse into paraffin. Remove foot immediately from paraffin.
  4. Wait 5 seconds, allowing the paraffin “shine” to go away, indicating the wax is dry.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to make a warm “glove”:
    • 3 times – light therapy and skin moisturizing
    • 5-15 times – intense therapy. The more layers of paraffin, the more heat and length of the therapy.
  6. Cover foot with plastic liner bag and plush boot.
  7. After 5-30 minutes, remove boot, move toes and ankle to loosen paraffin, removing it in liner bag.
  8. Discard used paraffin.

NOTE: feet are generally more sensitive to heat than hands – dip only a portion of the foot on the first dip, and the entire foot on subsequent dips)


  1. Place the Therabath and 4-8 paraffin strips as close to the work area as possible. Suggested areas include: elbows, knees, lower leg/calf, thigh, forearm, back, neck or shoulders.
  2. Holding one end of strip, dip entire strip in paraffin and remove. Hold over Therabath until paraffin stops dripping.
  3. Wrap area to be treated, stretching strips slightly. Apply additional strips, wrapping and overlapping by half so area has at least 2 layers of paraffin coated strips. The more strips, the more heat and length of the therapy.
  4. Leave strips in place for approximately 10 minutes.
  5. Slightly massage strips to loosen, tear and remove.
  6. Discard used strips and repeat as necessary.

For Chronic Arthritis Joint Pain, Relaxed Muscles, and Increased Circulation

  • Maximize the heat benefit by applying more layers of paraffin. The more layers of paraffin applied, the longer the heat will last. For maximum effect, we recommend 10 to 15 layers. This is the same concept as building a candle – the more layers you build, the longer a candle can burn.
  • Prolong the treatment by using the plastic liners and insulated mitts and boots (for hand and feet), or plastic and an insulated wrap (for other areas).

For Very Dry, Cracked Skin

  • If using the paraffin for dry, cracked skin apply a light coat of  Therabath Intensive Hydrating Cream prior to dipping. Rub extra lotion into cuticles and dry patches. If desired, apply additional lotion after the paraffin treatment too.
  • Apply at least five layers of paraffin.
  • Enhance the softening effects of the paraffin by using the plastic liners and insulated mitts and boots, help to increase circulation to the skin and absorb additional moisture from the lotion.
  • See also our before and after pictures that illustrate the skin-moisturizing benefits of paraffin therapy!

For Salon Manicures and Pedicures

  • If using paraffin as part of a full manicure or pedicure, remove old polish, shape and repair nails and apply acrylic nails prior to the paraffin treatment.
  • Use exfoliating scrubs prior to paraffin treatment. Wash and dry area thoroughly.

For Use in Therapeutic Massage

  • If using paraffin as part of a full manicure or pedicure, remove old polish, shape and repair nails and apply acrylic nails prior to the paraffin treatment.
  • Use exfoliating scrubs prior to paraffin treatment. Wash and dry area thoroughly.

For Use Prior to Exercise or Physical Therapy and to Increase Range of Motion

  • Follow the suggestions for relief from chronic joint pain, etc.

For Tired, Work-weary Hands

  • Follow the suggestions for relief from chronic joint pain, etc.

General Suggestions for Easier Treatments

  1. The more layers of paraffin built up, the easier it is to remove the paraffin.
  2. If the area to be treated has a lot of hair, build up additional layers of paraffin. (Paraffin will not remove hair.)
  3. Dip to the same level each time (in other words, immerse to the same point with each dip) so that an even amount of paraffin covers the area to be treated and there is a thick edge to grasp when removing the paraffin.
  4. To build up thicker layers, wait a few seconds (until the shine goes away) in between dips. Try not to flex your fingers or break the “glove” of paraffin in between dips.
  5. Allow the paraffin to remain in place for at least 10 to 15 minutes. (The more layers, the longer the heat lasts.) An insulated mitt or boot will cause the heat to last even longer.
  6. Before applying paraffin with a brush, preheat the brush by letting it sit in the Therabath for five minutes.
  7. Use Therabath Professional Refill Paraffin because it is a high grade of paraffin that is specially formulated for precise melt point, cleanliness, and ease of use.

Are Paraffin Treatments Sanitary?

See our hygiene page for more information.

Cleaning Your Therabath

  1. Clean your unit when you see sediment has built up on bottom of inner tank.
  2. Unplug the unit, remove lid, and grille and allow the paraffin to harden overnight.
  3. The next day lay out paper towels or cardboard to protect your working surface.
  4. Using our cleaning spatula, press it between the “cake” of paraffin and the tank moving around the entire inside perimeter of the tank.
  5. Flip the bath upside down and shake or tap gently until the “cake” of paraffin drops out.
  6. Wipe out any remaining paraffin or oil in tank with a soft paper towel and wipe unit dry. Cleaning products are not necessary.
  7. To reuse the paraffin, replace the “cake” in the unit or replace with fresh bags of paraffin wax, place the grille on top of paraffin, and replace lid. (Placing the grille at the bottom of the tank will extend the melt time significantly)
  8. Plug in the unit.
  9. After the paraffin has melted (8-10 hours), add additional wax as necessary to bring up to the required 6lb level, or to a desired deep immersion zone level.

Cleaning Paraffin Wax Spills on Carpet, Fabric or Floors

  1. Scrape off as much of the solidified paraffin as possible.
  2. Use a hair dryer or an iron (on top of paper towels) to melt the remaining paraffin, and then blot the melted paraffin up with paper towels.
  3. Use a wax or paraffin removing solution (available at grocery and discount stores). Check fabric care instructions first. If possible, put the item in the washing machine to remove any remaining oil. Dry cleaning solutions and spot removers also work for some items.
  4. For nonporous surfaces, first remove any pieces of solidified paraffin. Then use an all-purpose cleaner. Read the cleaner’s instructions before using.

Are Therabath Paraffin Treatments Sanitary?

Yes, Therabath paraffin treatments are sanitary even when multiple people dip in the same bath.

Check out our Hygiene Fact Sheet Here.
Therabath Hygiene Facts
More Information on Paraffin Wax Hygiene:
  1. WR Medical Electronics has sold paraffin units and refill paraffin since 1962 and paraffin therapy has been used in hospitals and clinics for over 90 years. In the 90+ years that traditionally performed paraffin therapy treatments have been administered in hospitals, clinics, spas and salons worldwide, no complaints of cross-contamination have been logged with the FDA.
  2. Therabath paraffin contains no water, no oxygen, and is maintained at 130 degrees (54 degrees C). High temperature and lack of oxygen and water make a hostile environment for survival of pathogens. A 1996 study by Oregon State University where Therabath paraffin was inoculated with bacteria and fungi concluded “it appears that bacteria and fungi do not survive a long time in paraffin baths”.
  3. When a hand or foot is immersed into melted paraffin, it is instantaneously coated with a layer of solidified paraffin, so what is on the skin stays on the skin. This instant barrier is formed because human skin is 22 degrees cooler than the melting point of the paraffin, and is maintained at or near that temperature by circulated blood, so the paraffin congeals as soon as it touches the skin. Because the barrier forms immediately, germs and dirt on the skin are instantly encapsulated and unable to contaminate the remaining paraffin in the bath during the initial or subsequent immersions, as confirmed by a 2007 lab study performed by R-Tech Laboratories. Additionally, R-Tech performed a “worst case scenario” study where used paraffin was returned to the bath. The results of the “worst case scenario” test support the results of a 1986 University of Minnesota study. For best results, always follow instructions for use that state used paraffin should be discarded.
The demonstration shown below, using blue dye to replicate water based contaminants, illustrates how during a paraffin treatment, what is on your skin stays on your skin:

A clean finger dipped in dye and then immersed in water

You can see how quickly the dye disperses. Stir it, and the dye and water become fully blended

A clean finger dipped in dye and then immersed in Therabath paraffin

The finger is instantaneously encapsulated with solidified paraffin so none of the dye disperses into the remaining paraffin

No matter how quickly you dip, an instant barrier is formed. Even if you stir it, the paraffin glove will not re-melt exposing the dye

This demonstration illustrates that the contaminant (blue dye) does not disperse into the paraffin bath

The 3-2-1 Dipping Method

5 Easy Steps to Setting up Your Therabath

Clean Your Therabath Paraffin Bath

Which Therabath Paraffin is Right for Me?

How to Use Therabath Paraffin Application Strips

How to Perform a Paraffin Facial


We bought an equally priced paraffin bath from another manufacturer. The thermostat became erratic and the wax was either too hot or would film over. We tried to get help, but were bounced around on the phone form one extension to another with no results. We retired the unit and bought a Therabath. It set up trouble-free and is working great!

RWSouth Berwick, ME

I just love the Therabath and I am so pleased about the lifetime warranty -- Therabath is GREAT!

JCMinneapolis, MN

Great unit and easy to use.

AAColorado Springs, CO

I highly recommend. Feels great on hurting hands, great for dryness on my face.

DSKenosha, WI

Very please with warranty service. The TherabathPro is mainly used by my wife who has bad arthritis in the hand. It gives her great relief.

JCIndialantic, FL

I have been using Therabath for over a year now, off and on. I can tell the difference in how my hands feel when I'm using the Therabath and not using it. My cuticles are healthy and not painful when I'm using it. It also makes wrist movement much easier for exercise and therapy.

KMFremont, CA

I was hurting so bad! I needed help with managing the swelling and discomfort. I have so many allergies to medications and wanted the most natural way I could find to get relief. With the help of my doctor as a team we discussed paraffin therapy. As a benefit I could do this at home. It was more cost effective than multiple trips to the rehab center. I've suffered for over a year and paraffin therapy is a daily therapy for me.

JGFRainbow City, AL

The Therabath unit has been a very nice addition to our home health program. Thank you for the quality product and service.

WJackson, TN