Quality & safety you can trust?

Yes. Since 1962 all Therabath Professional Paraffin Products have been proudly MADE IN THE USA! This is something our competitors cannot compete with! Therabath units are also CE, CETL and Health Canada listed as a Class II Medical Device. FDA Class II Medical Device standards ensure that the Therabath has been stringently tested for safety and that our manufacturing facility is audited regularly to inspect our manufacturing practices.

I've seen some cheaper paraffin baths in stores. Are they the same as the Therabath?

The Therabath is proudly made to professional healthcare standards right here in the USA — but is available to everyone.

We make sure each unit to leaves our factory is durable, reliable and safe. We provide quality products and service because when you’re in pain, you want fast, dependable relief.

How often should I use the Therabath?

The answer depends on you. Use it as often as necessary to relieve pain or moisturize skin. Some people find that paraffin treatments are especially effective in the morning to loosen up the hands for daily activities, and again in the evening to relieve pain before sleeping. Others use their baths less often. Try a few experiments to see what works best for you.

Does insurance cover the paraffin treatments?

Doctor-prescribed paraffin treatments may be covered by Medicare or Private Insurance. Check with your insurance company for details (Therabath does not process insurance requests or reimbursements.).

How do I know whether I should use Paraffin Therapy?

As with any medical treatment, if you have specific questions, consult a physician or physical therapist before using this device to determine if thermotherapy is right for you. See our Therabath product manual for contraindications.

This looks like a professional unit; is it for home use too?

Yes. The Therabath was originally designed for portability for patients who were receiving treatments in the physical therapy or doctor’s office. Though the unit has all of the safety features needed for hospital use, this also makes it the safest unit to have in your home.


Can I reuse the paraffin?

We suggest that you do not reuse or throw it back into the unit after the paraffin has been removed from your skin because it contains material that will eventually form a sediment on the bottom of the unit. When you reuse the paraffin, you will need to clean your Therabath more often.

How can I make the paraffin melt faster?

  1. Before melting the paraffin, put the grille on TOP of the un-melted paraffin (as instructed in the manual)
  2. Leave the lid on to keep the heat enclosed and to eliminate drafts that may cool the paraffin.
  3. After about four hours, if the paraffin hasn’t melted completely, put your hand in a mitt/boot liner bag and press down firmly, but carefully, on the solid chunk(s) of wax so that it is pressed up against the bottom of the unit where the heating element is located.

How long will 6 pounds (2.72 kg) of paraffin last?

Six pounds of paraffin provides approximately 40 sets of hands or 30 sets of feet dipped three times each. Remember to keep the paraffin level in the tank between the 6-9lb lines.

I've seen your paraffin scents. How do I replace the paraffin in my Therabath?

Please go to the “Learn More” page and visit the “cleaning tab”.


What does the CE mark mean?

CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Union.

Why is the TB6 tank deep? What does this do for me?

The Therabath Paraffin bath holds at minimum 6lbs of paraffin but up to 9lbs and is made primarily for Thermotherapy, or heat therapy. The deeper tank (up to 25% deeper than previous models) allows for patients or users to immerse the hand or foot farther in to the wax for more coverage on the wrist or ankle. This allows for a larger area to receive the heat therapy. If therapy is not your reason for using the Therabath then the benefit is getting more applications or treatments (up to 15% more wax coverage) before having to refill the unit.

Why does the green (red for 220V units) light go on and off?

The Therabath unit cycles on approximately 8-10 times per hour for a short period of time each cycle. This is normal operation and does not indicate that the unit is not working properly. If the wax, after 8-10 hours, is not completely melted then this may indicate a problem with your unit. The light does not indicate it is “ready”, it just indicates it is heating.

How much power or wattage does the Therabath use?

Leaving your Therabath plugged in 24/7 is always a concern for people for adding to their electric bill. Therabath TB6 Power consumption is approximately 0.03 kWh/hr. This is equivalent to a portable fan (less than a ceiling fan which is about 0.075 kWh/hr) or a single use of a toaster (so an hour of the Therabath running is the same as a single use of a toaster).

Does the Therabath model TB6/TB7 have an on/off switch, temperature dial or a quick-melt cycle?

No. To safely melt the paraffin, the Therabath will never run in a temperature range that is dangerous or that could burn the user. Because of the time it takes to safely melt paraffin, there is no on/off switch on the bath. Think of your Therabath as a refrigerator – just as you leave your refrigerator on and ready to use, leave your Therabath on too! In fact, the Therabath is safer to run than your refrigerator!

Temperature-setting dials may allow the paraffin to physically melt faster, but it may be too hot to use for several hours (it actually has to cool down first!). Units that we have tested have gotten over 165 degrees F (140 degrees would likely burn and so this temperature is very dangerous). The Therabath never reaches above the average running temperature range of 128 degrees to 132 degrees F.

Why does the Therabath have a grille?

The grille mainly hides particles that may collect on the bottom. It also keeps the user’s hand or foot from touching the bottom of the tank where the heating elements is.

What size is the Therabath?

The inside dimensions are 12.9″ L x 6.75″ W x 5″ D (32.8 x 17.2 x 12.7 cm). The outside dimensions are 14.25″ L x 8.5″ W x 7.75″ D (36.2 x 21.6 x 19.7 cm).

Are there service manuals available?

Yes. If you have the capabilities to complete your own repairs, please download the correct manual. Please contact us to receive a service manual.

Are there SDS sheets available?

Yes. Please look on our Service page for a complete list.